A Section 12J investment gets your capital working – for you and for South Africa

Optomise is an approved venture capital company (VCC). We offer clients tax compliant solutions to maximise their tax incentive through the investment into certified Section 12J companies within South Africa

Founded in 2015, Optomise has developed a track record of tax rulings and opinions to provide extensive advice on Section 12J of the Income Tax Act. According to S12J, individuals, trusts and corporates with large tax liabilities can invest in new projects and obtain an S12J tax deduction.

Since 2013, when National Treasury made several favourable changes to the S12J tax legislation, there has been rapid growth in investments into S12J companies.

Optomise facilitates the investment process seamlessly and effortlessly to ensure the investor obtains their S12J benefit. We have achieved this by building  considerable expertise in-house and developing a dedicated team of investment professionals to manage our S12J funds.

S12J funds can be complex and difficult to manage, particularly when it comes to ensuring compliance. At Optomise, all investments are subject to a thorough approval process that ensures that investments are S12J compliant.

Investing in compliant tax-smart alternatives

Globally, investors are increasingly searching for alternative investments to diversify their portfolios. Tax compliance can play a critical role, benefiting a portfolio through diverse and targeted investments.  Since our inception in 2015, Optomise has focused exclusively on S12J compliance and adherence to SARS’s regulations.  This is our key differentiator and ensures that the interests of our clients are safeguarded within the constraints of the Income Tax Act. No. 58 of 1962.

As a professional investment holding company, or VCC, Optomise enables investors to provide equity funding to a target portfolio of small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As an investor, you subscribe for shares in the VCC and claim an income tax deduction for the subscription price paid. Optomise, in turn, invests your cash into your  chosen, qualifying S12J investment.

We have extensive breadth of knowledge and expertise to assess all the tax and legal compliance aspects of your chosen investment.