Optomise Ventures is a registered S12J fund that aims to solve economic problems facing the South African economy. We do this by providing capital to high growth sectors in order to create jobs. Optomise has over R500m of assets under management across 28 diversified portfolio investments.

Optomise Ventures Limited is an Authorised Financial Service Provider
FSP License No.: 49628

A Section 12J investment gets your capital working – for you and for South Africa

Optomise is an approved venture capital company (VCC). We offer clients tax compliant solutions to maximise their tax incentive through the investment into certified Section 12J companies within South Africa

Founded in 2015, Optomise has developed a track record of tax rulings and opinions to provide extensive advice on Section 12J of the Income Tax Act. According to S12J, individuals, trusts and corporates with large tax liabilities can invest in new projects and obtain an S12J tax deduction.

Since 2013, when National Treasury made several favourable changes to the S12J tax legislation, there has been rapid growth in investments into S12J companies.

Optomise facilitates the investment process seamlessly and effortlessly to ensure the investor obtains their S12J benefit. We have achieved this by building  considerable expertise in-house and developing a dedicated team of investment professionals to manage our S12J funds.

S12J funds can be complex and difficult to manage, particularly when it comes to ensuring compliance. At Optomise, all investments are subject to a thorough approval process that ensures that investments are S12J compliant.

What are the benefits of investing with Optomise?

Section 12J funds provide substantial tax relief to qualifying investors

You can receive a full tax deduction on the funds invested. The full amount invested in Optomise is 100% deductible from your taxable income in the year in which the investment is made. This applies to individuals, companies and trusts.

We apply great care to each investor to ensure their transaction is S12J compliant.




S12J aims to boost the South African economy by encouraging investment in private companies that meet defined criteria

One of the main challenges to the growth of small-to medium sized businesses is access to equity finance. To help these businesses with their capital requirements, and boost economic growth, the South African government implemented a tax incentive in 2009. Through the process of investing into approved venture capital companies (VCCs), entrepreneurs and SMEs are able to receive equity finance to support their long-term growth potential.

VCCs provide a platform to pool numerous retail investors’ funds to the benefit of the small business sector in South Africa.

A significant benefit of Optomise is that, unlike most structured investments, investors in Optomise VCC fund have a say in the control of the underlying business. Our equity finance has provided funding start-up costs and capital for expansion of businesses, employment creation and skills development in the solar power, hospitality and technology sectors.

Our vision is that a growing appetite for these types of alternative investments will see a growth in high-impact investment that will drive enterprise development and, as a consequence, social development.